Working for Boomers & Seniors

As an aging Boomer or Senior there are hundreds of new questions arising. Should I stay in my home or move to something smaller? – The newspaper suggests that everyone is going to a condo. Are they? Maybe I should just renovate instead of moving. But who can help me figure out which is the best option? If I fall and hurt myself who is going to help me?  As a Seniors Real estate Specialist (SRES) I am uniquely placed to help you answer these questions and guide you towards a solution that suits YOU.

Deirdre’s primary goal is to help Seniors and their families come to the best decision for their circumstances which may or may not involve selling their home. Together you will create a plan for the future including Health, Wealth and Real Estate. Rest assured, Deirdre has:

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should i stay or should I go

If you COULD stay in your home, WOULD you?

As an agent who has a passion for working with Seniors, I am aware of many programs available to assist seniors in staying in their homes. These range from financial assistance for renovations that make the property more compatible to your changing needs, to in-home health care, meal delivery, and much more. As the availability and details of these programs is constantly changing, you need someone on your side who is in tune with these programs. I have a network of exceptional specialists , and a number of contractors who specialize in renovations to help seniors stay in their home longer.