The Power of Photos in Real Estate Marketing

Our world has become so visual in the 21st Century. Once upon a time if someone told you something you took the time to understand and that was sufficient. nowadays we all want to see with our own eyes before we make a decision. This has added importance when it is time to sell your home. Great photos make all the difference. 

Take this photo for example. Did you spend more time looking at the dog or at the house? Which left the great impression? Yep, the dog! Taking photos, in my opinion, should be left to the professionals when selling a commodity with such high value. So much depends on making a property stand out from the crowd and thus attracting Buyers to come for a look.  It takes a real photographer to capture the height of a ceiling or an expanse of backyard without making it look like a patch of grass. For lots of laughs and some real horror stories check out