Sell your house fast - Cleaning the basement

Most of us tolerate a degree of untidiness in at least one part of our home. Usually it's the basement. We store stuff the kids won on the sporting field or good quality tools that you don't use any more, but "they’re worth something". We all fall into that trap of keeping stuff that if we're honest nobody else wants. People in their twenties and thirties don't really appreciate the things a senior cherished once upon a time. Even if it's of great quality. And so, it ends up in the basement.

If I could only give one piece of advice to someone selling their home, it would be de-clutter, organize, tidy up like you’re an obsessive compulsive. It will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

I know the thought of tackling such a huge job is often overwhelming. What to do?

1. Get the kids (adult children) involved. Give them a date. "Come and pick up your stuff by next Saturday or out it goes!"

2. Make 3 piles. One for charity, One for the garbage, one to keep/give to the kids

3. Do a little at a time.

4. Get a shredder and shred all the bills and papers older than 7 years. Today that means anything before 2007

5. Call your local charities, (Diabetic Society, Cerebral Palsy, Red Cross) and ask if they will pick up household items.

6. Each time you clear out a closet or a corner, give yourself a treat. You deserve it (my favourite is a cup of Green Tea and a square of chocolate)

Remember there are lots of people out there who will be happy to give your used items a new home. And you have just made your house much more saleable.