I say what I mean and Mean What I Say

Posted by on 30 June 2018

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It used to get me in trouble - saying what was on my mind. But now it has become a valuable strength that I use in my business every day. I say what I mean and mean what I say when I talk to my Buyers who tired of searching and are thinking about buying a home that doesn't meet their needs. 

I mean what I say, when advising a seller that the price they want to list their home at, is not a fair one or that it won't attract the number of buyers they are hoping for.
I say what I mean with clear and honest, up front communication with all those I meet in my business. It means there are no hidden agendas, no misunderstandings and most of all everyone knows where they stand. 

As suggested in the video, professionalism and integrity are keys to business. 
Isn't that what you want in a Realtor?