How to Make Great Relocation Move

Moving to a new, unfamiliar town or city can be stressful and demanding on the whole family. to make your move go smoother, consider these suggestions

1. Select the Right Real Estate Agent
Ask a Real Estate agent in your current home town to recommend someone in the new community. They will often know people across the country. Key qualities include experience with relocating clients, strong loal knowledge (schools and shops) and solid communication skills. If you are a long distance apart, your agents needs to use every available communication tool including Skype or Facetime.

2.  Separate your needs from your wants.
The difference may seem subtle but this makes it easier to quickly narrow your options and find the best home to suit your needs. 

3. Keep lots of notes - of which houses you have seen, what the neghbourhoods look like and the positive and negatives you notice.  The notes will help you recall each property after a busy "shopping trip".

4. Learn the Market
A good real estate agent will help educate you on what you can get for your dollar in the new community. But don't forget to do your on line research too. Do your homework and rely on  your agent to add key perspectives.

5. Be prepared to make a fast decision.
Many markets favour sellers or simply lack inventory, causing buyers to make a quick decision. Hesitation can mean the difference between getting your family settled before school term starts and moving them in the middle of a term. 

6. Be Prepared for Emotional Ups and Downs
Shopping from a long distance, negotiating an offer can be draining experiences. Try to remain calm and maintain a perspective as offers and counter offers are exchanged. you should know your agent pretty well by now, so be open with them if you are feeling overwhelmed.