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When I recently decided to sell my house my friends told me not to expect too much help from the real estate broker as most of them now just put a for sale sign on the lawn and sit back and let nature take its course. I am happy to report that this is not the approach that Deirdre Slowey takes. She started out by appraising the house to determine a sale price and then had an independent person also do an appraisal. I had never sold a house before so Deirdre outlined the best way to proceed and made many very worthwhile suggestions and provided excellent support.

A legal technicality showed up in the final negotiations which required a search of the archives. The two lawyers involved (the seller and purchaser’s lawyers) were either unable or could not bother to find the required information but Deirdre searched the municipal records and was able to clear the problem.  Throughout the selling period she showed determination and perseverance and closed the sale within a week’s time I have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre. She did an excellent job for me.

F. Watkins.

As a single woman, selling my house was a daunting task. Thankfully I was lucky enough to hire Deirdre to help me do it.

My particular situation was unique in that I had a contractor do some renovations that he never returned to fully complete. So Deirdre and I had our work cut out for us. She never baulked at the challenge, and actually connected me with a fantastic tradesman who was absolutely wonderful. He finished all of the things that needed to be done and the house never looked better!

Throughout the process I was really appreciative of how Deirdre laid out the plan for selling my house. She told me exactly what needed to be done to get it market ready, then did everything in her power from marketing material to open houses to sell it! I think for me the best part of having Deirdre on my side was the way she was able to recognize that the sale of my house was more than just a needed transaction. She knew it was emotional and was always able to reassure me that things would be okay. And they were my house sold in 7 days, substantially over asking!

When I buy my next home, I look forward to working with Deirdre to help me do it!

Thank you Deirdre!

We live in Montreal and started our search for a condo in Toronto about a year ago. We found a real estate agent online from a well know company and organized a trip to Toronto to view some properties. When we met her at the first property, there was no introduction. It was straight to the property. There wasn't even a conversation that was exchanged for more then a few minutes. After viewing several units, we returned to Montreal with no success. The agent made no attempt to personalize this experience but we figured that since we started with her, we will try again. Weeks later, we organized another trip to Toronto to view more properties. This trip was similar to the first except it was during winter. We realized that it wasn't only the weather that was cold, the real estate agent was even colder. No attempts to inquire about our needs, no efforts to understand our lifestyle and no heart in the whole process.  We went back to Montreal and decided to put a hold on the search.

Months after, we were looking for another agent as the previous left such a bitter taste in the whole experience. Our online search yielded many results. Then we saw Deirdre Slowey, Sales Representative ROYAL LEPAGE. We viewed her website and decided to contact her. As Deirdre worked for a different company that our first agent, we were hopeful that this experience would be better that the first.  After having a few telephone conversations, we made another return to Toronto and Deirdre wanted to have a meeting with us before visiting units of interest. She gave a presentation in which she introduced herself and took the time to listen to each of us and ask what we were looking for. Deirdre wanted to get to know us better which made us feel assured. It was refreshing having an agent not wait their turn to speak, but to actually listen and give all efforts to better understand our needs.

After viewing a few units, Deirdre would give her honest opinion and shared useful information regarding the market that we were not aware of. Since this purchase was being made from out of province, it was very helpful having Deirdre share her experience and knowledge. She took the time to speak, listen and proved that educating clients builds trust in the relationship. We could actually taste the bitterness disappearing. By now, we were laughing and felt extremely comfortable just being ourselves. Much to our surprise, there were 2 units that we were interested in, both having different dates set to receive offers. Deirdre explained the entire process and possibilities and was very patient in answering our questions. We had to return back to Montreal and have Deirdre act on our behalf the day after for the unit we really wanted. Since there were multiple offers, we remained in constant communication with her. During this stressful time, she continued in a calm, professional and comforting manner. She finally called us back to congratulate us on our new home!!!

What made this home buying experience special and successful was the relationship that we shared with Deirdre. After closing, she stayed in communication which proves that she has a passion for what she does and actually cares about her clients. She remains constantly available when we call her and is always ready to help. "Deirdre Slowey-Your realtor for life," is a confirmation! 


We met Deirdre at a Seminar, for Seniors who are considering moving from their family home.   She seemed knowledgeable, practical, and considerate in her approach, so we decided to consult her when we contemplated downsizing.

Arthur and I were impressed with her friendly and informative nature, so made the decision to have Deirdre as our real estate agent.

During the year that preceded our final sale, Deirdre kept us informed about the housing market, dropped in for tea to see how we were progressing, provided us with a stager, then gave us final advice about necessary preparations for the sale of the house.  She had indeed given us great advice because the house sold in a day.

In the meantime we looked at a variety of condos that she had researched for us keeping in mind our needs and wishes.  This was all carried out in a cheerful but businesslike manner.  Nothing was too much trouble.

After the final decision to purchase a condo, she provided us with the name of a mover that proved to be excellent for us.  Our experience with Deirdre as our Real Estate agent was positive from beginning to end.  Her thoughtful, cheerful, respectful and knowledgeable manner created a friendship we have enjoyed well beyond the sale of our home and purchase of a condo.


I don't think we would have found the house we are in if Deirdre had not been our agent. We love our new home and look forward to spending years there. From the beginning our search Deirdre worked hard to find out exactly what we are looking for. She reminded us of our goals when we strayed off course and eventually found us a house we loved in the neighbourhood we wanted at a pricewe could afford.

She was incredible with finding the house but what I valued most was her realism. She never pushed us to spend more than we could, and she warned us when she saw problems. With Deirdre we hoped for the best but were prepared for the worst. As a result I had realistic expectations. I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but for such a major purchase/investment it is something I valued from the beginning.            

I tell everyone I know about my experience with Deirdre because she did an excellent job.

Deborah B.

My husband and I have worked with Deirdre on a number of occasions now, most recently with the sale of our condo, and we have been nothing short of thrilled with the service provided.  Deirdre is a professional, knowledgeable, personable and dedicated relator.  She has made the process of leasing and selling our property effortless.  Working with Deirdre has been such a pleasurable experience– from the start of the process,  we were rest- assured that we were in good hands.  Within a day of deciding to put the property of the market, Deirdre had completed all of the marketing, set up brokers-opens and regular weekend open-houses.  Needless to say, all three of our deals happened quickly(within 2 weeks of listing), seamlessly, and at the price we had wanted.  As busy professionals ourselves, we really appreciate the effort put forth by Deirdre and the pride that she takes in her work – she really does go the extra mile for her clients.  Deirdre will undoubtedly be our realtor for life! 


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