Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)

As an accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), I wear many hats.

Buying a home requires you to really think about your priorities. Right at the beginning of the process I like to sit down to find out not only what kind of home you want but to clarify your values. Because, what is important to you, is REALLY important to me. The greater the insight you share with me, the more effective I can be on your behalf.

Buying a home you are not only buying a place for your family to live, you are buying a lifestyle. The home and neighbourhood you choose, will determine where your children go to school, how you travel to work , the ease with which you can pursue your hobbies etc. Together we will craft a strategy that allows you to (manage) control this process rather than have it control you.

As your Consultant, I will ask insightful, probing questions and listen carefully to your answers. I will help you differentiate essential objectives, (Not every couple agrees on everything) and anticipate any obstacles that lie between you and your dream home.

I will be your guide as you inspect and consider the homes that meet your criteria. I will offer you insightful perspectives on how to make a discerning choice.

I will educate you on the trends in particular neighbourhoods, as well as in the overall Toronto market. When you have found your dream home, I will provide valuable insight into market comparables, to ensure you are comfortable with your offer price.

Negotiator: Negotiations is where “the rubber meets the road” They take work and effort to be successful. With a combination of persistence and patience I will balance the expectations and priorities of everyone involved in the negotiations. But ultimately it is my client's interests which are paramount.

Closer - I will manage all the conditions of the sale such as organize and inspector and communicate with your Lender and lawyer so that there is a smooth transition towards closing day and home ownership.

But I don’t leave you. After weeks and often months of spending time together , I promise not to “dump” you. I am your REALTOR® for Life. As you settle into your new home, I am only a phone call away if you need the name of a good electrician or just recommend a local hairstylist.