Students learn what it's like to feel old and frail.

When we go to hospital, we're not usually feeling so good, so our reaction times are slower, our walk is slower (if you can walk at all) and generally feeling disoriented. Yet when you are called for a test, I have watched the technologist, nurse, healthcare worker, keep speeding along the corridor expecting you to catch up because (s)he has a busy day. Don't they have any idea? Do not despair! The students of tomorrow are actually being trained to understand what it feels like to be unsteady on your feet, or just.... old! With the use of a "frail aging simulation suit" these students get a sense of what it's like to feel feeble.  Watch the video  and read more about their experiences on the link here[] Read more.

Get Smart

I bet you didn't know that October 29th was World Stroke Day. It's a timely reminder for us all on what to look out for if you or one of your friends is not feeling well. It could be a stroke. Read more.

A few of my favourite things

The freezing February weather is keeping a tight lid on the real estate market here in Toronto. With only a few listings out each day, you would expect the buyers to be lined up at each one. But maybe the chill is extending to Buyer's pockets. Only the well priced homes are selling quickly whilst those that are even a few percentage points over market value , are left sitting.  The best part of February has been Lady Gaga's performance at the Oscars. A medley from The Sound of Music was stunning. Julie Andrews is a hard act to follow but Lady Gaga did it. Enjoy it once again here.  Read more.


What is Possibility? Building community, the chance to do many things, opportunity, reaching out, hope, support to achieve your dreams, community, capitalizing on your opportunities.  Read more.

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