Helping a family of 14 build their home

Just a few weeks ago I joined up with a few real estate colleagues and Genworth Canada to volunteer my services at a local Habitat for Humanity build site. This video gives you the full story about the house and the family.  Read more.

Sell your house fast - Cleaning the basement

Most of us tolerate a degree of untidiness in at least one part of our home. Usually it's the basement. We store stuff the kids won on the sporting field or good quality tools that you don't use any more, but "they’re worth something". We all fall into that trap of keeping stuff that if we're honest nobody else wants. People in their twenties and thirties don't really appreciate the things a senior cherished once upon a time. Even if it's of great quality. And so, it ends up in the basement. Read more.

Preparing your home for Sale - Cleaning House

Preparing your Home for sale  – Cleaning House Clients often ask me how long do I need to take to get my home ready for sale and I tell them, if they talk to me a year ahead of their moving date, then they should be OK. A year? Well I guess it depends on how much time you have to get it ready. Here are some ideas on just getting the house clean. Read more.

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