Toronto City Land Transfer Tax - make your voice heard

Are you thinking of buying a home in Toronto? Did you know that you will have to pay 2 Land Transfer Taxes? One to the province and one to the city of Toronto. Not fair , I know when the rest of the GTA don't have to pay this second LTT.  Take a minute to watch this video and you can find out what you can do to stop this cash grab.  Read more.

Toronto real estate market is still going strong

The numbers - that is the volume of sales and increase in prices -tell us that the Toronto real estate market is still going strong. If you would like a more detailed view of what is happening in YOUR neighbourhood, give me a call or drop me a line.  Read more.

The Power of Photos in Real Estate Marketing

Our world has become so visual in the 21st Century. Once upon a time if someone told you something you took the time to understand and that was sufficient. nowadays we all want to see with our own eyes before we make a decision. This has added importance when it is time to sell your home. Great photos make all the difference.  Read more.

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